An innovative gathering place with open and airy spaces flexible for any event.


Painters Hall is Oregon’s first net-zero energy commercial building, serving as a community center, office, art gallery, and event venue.

Originally built in the 1930s, the refurbished Painters Hall demonstrates the potential of converting existing building stock into high-performing buildings relevant for the future.

Certified LEED Platinum, it features salvaged and recycled-content materials, high-efficiency windows, lighting and HVAC upgrades, Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®) wood products, passive ventilation, rainwater harvesting, and dual flush toilets, a “Zero-Waste” operations strategy, real-time energy monitoring, and a 20.2kW rooftop solar system.



Painters Hall is also an event venue that was renovated from a 1930s maintenance building. Now a Net Zero Energy, LEED Platinum certified, Living Building Challenge gathering space for residents and the local community to enjoy.

Events at Painters Hall range from wedding rehearsal dinners, corporate training sessions, book clubs, and private lunch parties.

The standard public rental rate is $100 per hour – with a complimentary hour for set up/take down – and includes the use of our tables and chairs, sound system and projector, and our kitchen facilities including dinnerware (dishes, glasses, flatware) and serving dishes.

We offer a discounted rental rate for non-profit, school, and governmental organizations.

Residents are able to rent Painters Hall for their events free of charge.

RENTALS ARE CURRENTLY SUSPENDED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE.  Interested in rental information? Check out our rental agreement and contact our Events Coordinator by email or call (503) 315-1055.



ASCE1aPainters Hall is an innovative, beautiful renovated building with open and airy spaces, punctuated with beautiful plants and conversation areas, and is flexible to any need.

  • Net Zero Energy – solar panels produce more energy than the building uses over the year – enough extra to power two Salem homes for a year
  • Rainwater is harvested to use for flushing toilets
  • Zero Waste Policy – we pre-cycle (mindful of packaging when purchasing goods), reuse, recycle and compost just about everything. We have a policy of no single-use items.
  • Innovation case study




Painters Hall is not only one of the nation’s leading green buildings, it is the central gathering place for Pringle Creek Community friends and neighbors.

Painter’s Hall welcomes visitors and nearby neighbors to relax, play games, have coffee, tea, or cocoa, and read books from our library.
Pringle Creek Community residents can use Painters Hall for private gatherings and celebrations free of charge. One of the many amenities of living here!


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