We’ve had a few regular visitors this season at Pringle Creek Community who’ve made their own kind of residence in an unknown location.

Turkey and chicks1

Turkey and chicks

This group of turkeys – or ‘rafter,’ as they’re technically called – made up of a mother turkey and seven chicks, decided to make our property their home. Who wouldn’t? As these pictures show, we’ve been watching the babies grow ever since they arrived in late spring.

Turkey & chicks garden2 Turkey & chicks evolution

Their presence underscores our dedication to the natural environment. We maintain our grounds without the use of herbicides or pesticides and allow some of our green spaces to go somewhat wild to preserve habitat for smaller animals, insects, and pollinators. Pringle Creek Community is a beautiful, peaceful, and respectful place where we welcome birds of all kinds!

Turkey on deck2Turkey rafter1 They've grown so much!