Our community center, Painters Hall, is the main hub of Pringle Creek Community (PCC) life where community members gather for yoga, movie night, walking group, family, and celebratory events. Painters Hall is a beautiful Net Zero building, meaning that through its 220Kwh solar array it makes as much energy (more, in our case) as it requires to serve its energy needs annually.  It is an award-winning Net Zero and LEED platinum commercial building, the first of its kind in the country! Painters Hall serves as both a model of environmental sustainability as well as a community meeting place that is used as a space where many vital Salem community organizations gather.

PCC is engaged in and supports the work of a number of local organizations from the greater Salem community.  Residents sponsor organizations like the Morningside Neighborhood Association, the Sustainable Living Center, and the Pringle Creek Watershed Council who use Painters Hall for their meetings.   We offer nonprofit organizations a much reduced rental rate in order to support their work and give them a quiet, comfortable place to meet.  Painters Hall is spacious, filled with natural light and near downtown Salem – although the serenity here makes it feel a world away from the hub-bub of downtown. It really is a great place to gather, meet, and celebrate!
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Paco & Wilson's giggling 2014 Earth Day


Painters Hall is the center of our commitment to the whole community and to the natural environment.  We love being engaged with the greater Salem community and appreciate the work of local groups to improve the well-being of everyone.

Painters Hall at PCC is a wonderful community gathering place.  Come out, visit us, and experience it for yourself!