Buying or building a home at Pringle Creek Community is very straight forward.  We have a variety of lots that are build-ready for a variety of home types and sizes varying from small homes of 900 square feet all they way up to multi-family housing.  Once you find a lot that you like, simply make us an offer!

PCC.LotMap Edited Mktg 5-05-15

As for building your dream home, we have a number of preferred builders and housing designs that you can review and select from.  You can also choose to work with a builder of your own, all that is required is that the builder is familiar with LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) building and the LEED certification process, and is aware of protecting our perviously paved streets.

Pringle Creek Community is like NO OTHER.  We have 12 acres of shared green, open space, community gardens, shared orchards and berry patches, our creek, and pocket parks.  We also have a centralized community and event center for public and private events – a place to gather, have coffee or tea, read a book, or celebrate with family or neighbors.

Come on out and see how easy and comfortable living in Salem can be!  End those commuting days once and for all!