You’ve likely heard about TED Talks.  TED (technology, entertainment, design), is a nonprofit organization ‘devoted to ideas worth spreading.’  TEDx grew out of the original TED Talks and is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience.  TEDxSalem is in its third year and has truly blossomed! The speakers that are featured, all from Salem or the Willamette Valley, bring fascinating, thought-provoking ideas to the TEDxSalem stage.  Their next TEDxSalem event, Fearless, is October 3 at the Salem Convention Center in beautiful downtown Salem.


Why is Pringle Creek Community (PCC) taking the time to blog about TEDxSalem?  Because this organization is very innovative, as we are, and is working, literally, to highlight the talent and innovation that resides right here in our larger Salem community.  Not only that, but some of the speakers at this up-coming TEDxSalem event will present information and ideas on topics that influence and exist at Pringle Creek Community – an intentional, sustainable community development.  Three of the 13 topics explored at TEDxSalem are waste reduction, conflict resolution and communication, and small houses, three topics we actively live at PCC.

Our community center, Painters Hall, is not only a Net Zero building, meaning that it creates as much, actually more, energy than it uses to meet its energy needs, but our daily practices within the building are ‘zero waste.’

party on PH deck iconic Educating about zero waste


We pre-cycle, recycle and compost all items that come into the building.  We sponsor and host non-violent communication classes and practice groups, and we’re building a number of small, energy efficient, LEED certified homes.

At PCC, we ‘walk and talk’ the variety of approaches necessary to make a community sustainable. Our 32 acre property is a mixed-use development, planned as a walk-able, bicycle-able residence where neighbors can grow their own food, know their neighbors, and enjoy our stretch of Pringle Creek within our 12 acres of shared, organically maintained, permanent green space.  We have a number of residents, but are still growing and have build-ready lots and homes for sale.

Jane in glasshouse

We encourage you to attend TEDxSalem October 3 at the Salem Convention Center (which is also, incidentally, a LEED certified building!).  We also encourage you to visit us and see some of the ideas presented in living color!  We’re extremely proud of everything happening at Pringle Creek Community – a community focused on environment, community, and innovation – and we invite you to join us!  Call us and let us know that you’re coming for a visit – 503-315-1055.

For more information or to purchase tickets to the October 3 TEDxSalem event, email the organizers or visit their website.