Meet Melinda, Jeff, and baby Elliot. Melinda and Jeff hail from Central Oregon and were looking to live in a more sustainable community. When the offer to move to Salem for a new job happened, they started their search for a place to call home. A place that would be a warm, welcoming, sustainable, and a safe neighborhood for the new bundle of joy they’d soon be welcoming into the world.

sustainable community

“Jeff has always wanted to live in a house with green technology.” – Melinda

When it comes to living sustainably Melinda says, “Jeff has always wanted to live in a house with green technology.” The idea of having a home that is energy efficient and leaving a lighter footprint on the earth as well as a healthy living environment for their new child were important factors in their decision-making process. Their house was specifically planned out to face in a way that optimized the amount of solar energy they could harness. Beyond green technology, they were both looking for a home that had more light than their previous home. The style of homes they saw at Pringle Creek Community had large windows with light-filled open floor plans. Jeff and Melinda love that they can look out of their window and see trees with a path leading to the creek, a shared dedicated green space for all residents to enjoy. There’s places to have a barbeque, go blueberry picking for the the tastiest blueberry muffins, and much more.

I’m excited to use the greenhouses! – Melinda

Beyond the blueberry patches and orchards, Jeff and Melinda also can’t wait to get started with the community garden and be a part of the CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), and they have already been getting farm fresh organic eggs from the prestigious Cluckingham Palace.¬†Jeff and Melinda are also curious about the new Book Optional Book Club that was just started up by residents.

“We really liked the concept of the community and lifestyle.” –¬†Jeff

Melinda and Jeff value feeling connected to the community. Melinda says she really likes getting to know the neighbors. On occasion, they’ll host dinners at their home and invite the neighbors over. They enjoy that the community is made up of different generations of people. This means there’s more lively conversations with different perspectives brought to the table.

“I like living in a community with neighbors from different generations.” – Melinda

Baby Elliot is a big reason why Jeff and Melinda chose to live here. They wanted a place that their daughter could grow up knowing her neighbors, and a place that is healthy and sustainable. It will be exciting to see how their family will grow with our community.