Girl Scouts go way back. Do you remember being a Brownie or perhaps your mom has a sash with various patches sewn on that show she achieved some awesome skills in self-sufficiency and sustainability? Did you have a heated debate on how Tagalongs were the best cookie, hands-down? Perhaps you remember singing, “Make new friends but keep the old, one is silver and the others gold.” Experiencing the great outdoors, having cook-outs, and telling spooky stories by the campfire are all activities that a lot of Girl Scouts and Girl Scout families remember fondly, and are still being celebrated today!

Super Girl Scouts

Playing Pin the Spider on the Web

At Pringle Creek Community, we’re so happy to be able to provide a space for Girl Scouts to meet, learn and have fun! This time around, Girl Scouts had a Halloween Party where the girls enjoyed treats and played games like Pin the Spider on the Web. They also did some crafts with pumpkins grown right from the our urban farm, and made some paper bats as well as bead work. Do you think it ended there? Oh, no! They did some dancing to the Monster Mash and Thriller. If you were a Girl Scout in the 80s, you probably were dancing around to the same tunes. Some things are so classic, they don’t need changing.

Super Girl Scouts

More fun games!

That’s not to say that Girl Scouts hasn’t changed up their curriculum. They’re learning about big concepts like empathy, and they even have a recycle bin at Painters Hall to collect plastic and glass bottles that go right back into the troop’s funds. These girls are learning the skills that will help them become even stronger and more empowered people in the future, and that’s pretty neat. In fact, that’s darn right remarkable. It’s not surprising that one of them chose to be Wonder Woman. Here’s to educating girls on how to be brilliant citizens of the world, and as the campground saying goes, “Leaving it better than you found it.” We all could take a lesson from that.