Thursday, January 25, 2007
Sustainable America: Why Doesn’t US “Get” Equity, Presented by Robin Morris Collin
7:00 – 8:30 p.m.
Salem Public Library’s Loucks Auditorium

Willamette University Law Professor Robin Morris Collin examines why sustainability programs in the United States ignore poverty to our detriment, then explores ways to systematically include such equity issues into our thinking. A widely sought speaker on ethics, sustainability, environmental justice, and civil rights, Professor Morris Collin was awarded the David Brower lifetime achievement award in 2001 by the Public Interest Environmental Law Conference and the Orlando John Hollis Distinguished Teaching Award in 1997.

In case you hadn’t looked at Pringle Creek Community’s “Upcoming Events” page recently, we duplicated the information, above. We would have added some information, but none of the articles/essays from this list of Professor Morris’s recent publications appear to be available online–except her most recent, a Willamette Lawyer article, “Professionalism Matters”. If you’re interested, you can access it here, in the Spring 2006 issue, which is a largish pdf file. That article is unrelated to her sustainability work, which is extensive, so don’t miss the talk. See you there.