It is a little-known fact that coffee, like many other food products, goes bad over time when exposed to air; it is a surprisingly delicate product with great variation in quality and taste. Lucky for us, we have local coffee roaster Joseph Penner, who owns and operates Steel Bridge Coffee, delivering fresh, high quality coffees to Salem.
The difference between store-bought coffee and fresh-roasted coffee is like the difference between a grocery store strawberry picked two weeks too early and one plucked right out of the field and popped into your mouth. If coffee is something you enjoy, you really should try Steel Bridge for a week to experience what fresh roasted coffee is like. And, Joseph (who loves bicycling) delivers each week by bike, rain or shine, with a huge smile on his face! (photo at left while on delivery to Pringle Creek neighbors). Watch his awesome promo video below and sign up on his website…¬†