Pringle Creek Community is giving a warm welcome to new residents this winter. Steady growth is happening with three new homes built by Spectra Construction almost near completion, and we are looking forward to welcoming three new families into our community who hail from the Southwest and Oregon!

Two of these homes are on the geothermal loop and gain great energy efficiency by using the earth’s ambient temperature for heating and cooling. Both homes are one-level with one home at 1,300 square feet and the other at 1,000 square feet. Rigid insulation has been installed on the exterior of the homes and makes for more energy savings. High value insulation will also fill the exterior walls. The level of insulation is much higher than required by building codes and assure that these homes will remain cozy and cost efficient.  Next, rain wraps will be installed. Rain wraps are quite important in Oregon’s rainy winter climate, because they actually channel the water away from the wall.


Wooded view from inside one of homes on the geothermal loop.

The Sierra home is also nearing completion with just the landscaping and interior finishes to install. This three bedroom and two bath home has a great room with cathedral like windows and skylight above the kitchen area that spill light into the space. This home will be LEED certified, as all the homes and buildings at Pringle Creek are, with bamboo flooring, a renewable resource and sustainably harvested material, and is equipped with Anderson windows that provide more energy efficiency for the home.


A peak at where the Sierra home is at in the build process.

We also have a wide array of home designs that have been built including the Tall Home and Net Zero, and we encourage custom builds. We have preferred builders we work with, and also welcome working with new builders who have LEED certified building experience.

The build program for the upcoming spring and summer will include some home designs for one-level and two-level homes. Some of them may be reminiscent of homes like the Sierra or the Net Zero home designs, while others may provide a different twist to the variety of homes already established.