Could you imagine your event being completely powered by solar energy? You can hold an event that is both sustainable, beautiful, and entertaining at Painters Hall. People who have rented Painters Hall think of it as a retreat-like atmosphere with trees, green space, and the creek that runs just outside. It’s a versatile space with an area to show slides for a presentation and cute nooks for break-out sessions. The space can also turn into a dance floor with a large front porch to enjoy evening gatherings while the sunsets. We have an area that easily turns into a bar for serving coffee and doughnuts or cocktails and appetizers. Not to mention, we’ve got a full service kitchen, and dishes, flatware, and more that comes along with renting the space.

Solar-Powered Events

Painters Hall is available to the public to rent, and it also ┬áserves as a community center for residents. Residents have held baby showers, retirement parties, Girl Scout and book club meetings, and even a weddings, one is already scheduled for this summer! Sometimes, it’s just a place to relax with some friends or can serve as a work space. For work, all of Painters Hall can be rented or just the Conference Room for more private meetings. Residents can also separate remote work from home a bit more by setting up shop with their laptop and a cup of coffee at Painters Hall. This versatile space provides many options for different types of events, meetings, recreation, and relaxation.

Painters Hall events

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