Our community continues to fulfill our sustainable mission, and our residents rock when it comes to being upstanding citizens who incorporate sustainability into their everyday routine. We have a resident meeting each month to talk about happenings at Pringle Creek Community, and it’s so fun to check-in and see how everyone is doing. Topics such as parties with 15 babies crawling around in Halloween costumes, Girl Scouts, going off on vacation, and donating time to families in need are just some of the things spoken around the table. It’s also always fun to share a meal together.

green community

Food is a part of the social fabric of community as well. Each person bringing a dish that is uniquely theirs, whether it be the type of recipe they drum up, or perhaps they actually grew the tomatoes that are in the salad they brought. And, at our get togethers, it’s okay if you don’t have time to bring a dish. We get it. Sometimes life is too busy. That’s the great part about a community. If one person can’t bring food to share, it’s no big deal. There’s other neighbors who bring plenty of food to go round, and maybe the next time, they’ll need some help with figuring out a dish. In fact, last time, we said that if you couldn’t bring a dish, that telling a favorite joke or riddle was just fine, too! We like our puns, that’s for sure (okay, maybe just a couple people enjoy them..).

 Socializing + Food = CommunityOur urban farm is here to send a sustainable message and provide some delicious organic produce as well. Residents can get gardening plots to try out their green-thumb or just marvel at the amazing harvest thanks to our expert Urban Farmer, Colleen Owen. Our urban farm is in the greenhouses, but also stretches out into the orchards, blueberry patches, and much more. If you have a sweet tooth, we have bee hives. If you love chickens, we have so many cute ones with big personalities and cute boots (we’re talking about the Silkey). We are what you would call, an agrihood, which is a beautiful combination of agriculture and community.