Last month, Paco’s dad, Francisco “Panchirris” Sanchez, passed away peacefully in his home in Pachuca, Mexico. He was surrounded by Paco’s mom, brothers and family. Señor Sanchez was a great man whom we will all miss. He was gentle and tough as nails at the same time, and a loving father to Paco. He came to Oregon to visit two years ago and insisted on coming to Pringle Creek during the day to work alongside his son. They worked side by side, having fun together, landscaping and setting glass in the Conservatory. We love Paco so much, and it is clear that the person he has become–wise, generous, calm, gentle, intelligent, curious about the world, and driven to work hard–were passed down from his father, who had the same qualities. Thank you, Panchirris! We will miss you!