Our residents are from all different walks of life, and that makes for a very entertaining night out in the neighborhood. Something we’re beginning to call, the Pringle Mingle. With new neighbors moving in, it’s a chance to get to know one another and maybe catch-up with some old friends, too. The soirée was organized by a couple of residents who we will call the Words of Wisdom crew. This was a progressive party where we walked from each hosts home for a snack, drink and visit before moving on to the next neighbors home. Each home comes with it’s own unique style, just like the homeowners that reside in them (and the food and drink was delicious, too).

Pringle Mingle

We have some neighbors that are getting bold with their color palettes, and it is looking good – purplicious good. That is why the aptly named, Prince Kitchen, will most likely be rocking out in the near future. In another home you could see quilts hanging in the stairwell and leading into a room bursting with different colors of fabrics. The expert quilter schooled others on how to make a Drunkard’s Path. Oh yes, that’s actually a name of a quilting technique, and what a path we were led on after that home.

The neighbors waltzed over the creek (don’t worry, there was a bridge, so no jumping into the creek just yet…), and onto more homes with jovial laughter and furry friends that greeted you at the door. Want to join in on the soirée? There may be another Pringle Mingle with your name on it. If you’re curious about what living sustainably looks like, we’d be glad to take a walk about our community, maybe we’ll even stumble into one of the residents that lives here and chat a bit about why they love to live here.