Pet ownership is a joy and part of life that we embrace at Pringle Creek Community.  Many of our residents have a dog or a cat (or three) that live peacefully at home and meet occasionally outside.

Cat bookshelf

People from the surrounding area also visit the property to walk for exercise and sometimes they bring their dog – always using a leash.

Marge_7249@0         dalmation

Alongside dogs and walkers, we enjoy the wildlife, such as wild turkeys and blue heron,  that regularly visits us.  When dogs are kept on leash they can’t harass our furry and feathered guests, ensuring that the wildlife feels safe and returns again and again.  The blue heron has called PCC home for many years now.

Turkey and chicks1
pringle creek community - nature (blue heron)







People especially like to include a visit to Cluckingham Palace, our chicken coop, in their walk to check on the chickens and ducks – and maybe even offer them some corn scratch from our adapted gumball-turned-chicken-scratch machine.

chicken feeding         chicken feeding 2

ducks White chicks













Neighbors and residents enjoy a harmonious co-existence here.  PCC has 12 acres of shared green space that is distributed between parks, orchards, a blueberry patch, and gardens and includes ample trails for walking and biking.  PCC is not a gated community – we welcome walkers, especially on our 5:30 Tuesday evening Just Walk Salem! outings (these are dog-less walks).

When you live at Pringle Creek Community, you get to enjoy all of this right outside your door!