The door pull on the front door is old steam pipe from the conservatory.

The trellis is also made of old steam pipe reclaimed from the conservatory.

The steps up to Painter’s Hall are made from broken up slabs from deconstructed buildings
and from trees milled onsite.

This photo shows the trellis and one of the two Painter’s Hall entryway double doors.

Painter’s Hall going for LEED platinum:
we’re almost there.

Below is a photo of the solar panels on the Painter’s Hall. The photo and caption are from an article in the Sunday Oregonian about the new Sanyo solar panel manufacturing facility in Salem that just opened.

Sanyo solar panels are among the most efficient at capturing sunlight for electricity. The company utilizes a hybrid of two solar technologies to produce panels that can be used in extreme heat, cloudy weather and capture sunlight from both the top and the bottom . . .