Paco and Santiago finishing up the glass roofs on the greenhouses–several hundreds of pieces of glass later!
These incredible Lord & Burnham greenhouses were original to the site and are getting a total restoration, to be completed this month.
The interior of the small greenhouse, which is 100ft x 20ft. These concrete supports will have new wood benches for growing year-round lettuce greens and herbs.
There are so many contrasting colors here in the fall, from the reds in the blueberry bushes to the pale yellow of these catalpas.
Raingardens throughout the community help absorb and filter excess stormwater. Not only are they functional, but also aesthetically pleasing, providing year-round lush greenery and interesting textures at every intersection.
There are quiet places along Pringle Creek perfect for reflection. Living near a body of water like this is a great asset.
The upper reach of the creek is perfect habitat for all sorts of fish and wildlife. We’ve had kingfishers, herons, and even trout and salmon in this section of Pringle Creek.
When Barb moves in this month, she will probably be able to listen to the creek from her bedroom window.
Or she can sit at her back patio and listen to it.
Here is her new home, built by father-son duo Blake and Larry Bilyeu of Bilyeu Homes here in Salem. That’s Blake standing at the front porch.
Paco doing work on the tractor, as always using B100 biodiesel.