The new dry-creek landscaping at the Wilson’s Tallhouse was designed by their son, Andy Wilson. His web site is: That’s Alan up at the top right putting Christmas lights up.

Paco just finished laying the stones for this common pathway through what will be a cluster of five homes. The stones came locally from Rickreall.

These garages serve a cluster of five cottage homes. They have FSC cedar rain screen siding, and will soon have a 1,500 sqft greenroof, which extends the life of the roof, absorbs and treats rainfall during a storm event, helps insulate the structure for heat and cold, and provides diverse habitat for insects and wildlife.

This is Mark, our mailman! Very friendly guy, loves the project and eagerly awaits more residents to deliver mail to. He especially likes the idea of a central gathering place for mail pickup at Painter’s Hall (less driving!).