Springtime at last.

While the housing market has slowed and our economy has become more fragile, Pringle Creek Community is moving forward with key projects that support our goal of creating a unique community that can serve as a model of sustainable development.

Our innovative geo-thermal system is up and running and saving Pringle Creek Community homeowners on their utility bills; we expect to complete the LEED-Platinum restoration of Painters Hall–as a community center and home of the Sustainable Living Center–in early June; the fully restored Lord & Burnham glasshouses have blossomed into the Pringle Creek Conservatory; two green roofs have been installed to demonstrate their benefits (protecting water quality, cooling and as habitat); and every day we see more visitors walking, bicycling, and skating about Pringle Creek Community.

Feel free to stop by and see what’s growing at Pringle Creek Community. We are also scheduling visits and tours daily. For more information please contact us.

Tony Nielsen

Pictures and captions below from santiago.

Painters Hall


All materials are sorted and recycled.

New interior framing.

New metal roof, windows and doors.

Green roof: doing the planting