DeSantis Landscaping is out in front of sustainable landscaping. That’s why we chose them to work with Pringle Creek Community. This article, Be patient with landscaping, from the Lake Oswego Review, describes some of their values and practices–and has some good quotes from Dean DeSantis, seen at right.

Although based in Salem, DeSantis Landscapes has many clients in the Lake Oswego-West Linn area, and he has found that sustainability has made a huge difference since the company began using such practices three years ago. Benefits include:

  • Providing a safe, healthy environment for people and pets by using organic fertilizers and pesticides.
  • Eliminating toxic runoffs to rivers, streams and lakes.
  • Improving soil structure and biology.
  • Improving plant hardiness and health.
  • Reduce up to 50 percent of water usage.

  • But rather than make a list, DeSantis would rather point to developments he has worked on, especially Pringle Creek in Salem, which has 140 home lots. There are 13 acres of natural areas, including not only wetlands but prairie lands.

    Here is the page from the DeSantis Landscaping website that tells about their sustainable landscape management services.