Our wonderful, dedicated gardening volunteer, John Johnson, has built a demonstration organic gardening system in our outdoor community garden. John, one of our Urban Farming students, is a very experienced and published gardener. He’s studied gardening for 50+ years in numerous states and growing zones. He’s also published a book and has a website called The Tuxedo Gardener. We’re very fortunate to have been discovered by John. He was instrumental in helping install our new sprinkler system in the glasshouses and now he’s also built a raised bed gardening system demonstration project. Here’s a picture of what we expect to see:
And here’s a photo of the current raised bed in our garden:
John's compost bale project 5-2015John developed this system and has decided to share it with us. It is a raised bed (literally very raised – to waist height!) that contains no soil but instead is a system of straw, alfalfa, and compost. See John’s website for more details and pictures. This picture is just the beginning of growth in our demonstration bed, but John’s gardens are super abundant. We can’t wait to see how this demonstration bed will produce!