open community tours
Pringle Creek Community will be having Open Community tours on ┬áJune 24th from 1 – 4:00pm! This is a chance to see what living sustainably looks like and meet a few of our neighbors and see their wonderful homes! It’s also a time to have some ice cream and chat with Umpqua Bank about how you can finance building a custom home designed just for you and your family. Not only that, but after a scoop of ice cream, you can head on to the greenhouses for a special tasting of some fruits or veggies that are in season (Does that cilantro taste like summer or soap? We know…some people just aren’t cilantro fans, but look out for what tasty delights will be served). Want to learn more about sustainability from a non-profit perspective? Good news! The Sustainable Living Center will also have a table that will be sharing what they are about and much anticipated events down the road!

open community tours

But, let’s get to the tours! There will be 3 tours that include resident homes and the greenhouses held from 1 – 4:00pm. We will meet at Painters Hall, 3911 Village Center SE, and guided tours will begin:

  • 1:15pm
  • 2:15pm
  • 3:15pm
  • Self-guided is also an option!

Activities will include:

  • Resident home and greenhouse tour
  • Umpqua Bank serving ice cream and construction loan knowledge
  • Sustainable Learning Center talking about who they are and what fun events they’re planning (like Urban Foraging…)
  • Bocce and Croquet
  • There are rumors that some people may bring a musical instrument or two…


Please RSVP by emailing us at or filling out this form below: