At Pringle Creek Community, we think in the long-term by focusing on our core values around nature, community, and innovation. Forbes writes about real estate forecast trends for 2018, and these trends we’ve been doing for years. You might call us experts. The first is that people are moving toward more Co-Living and Community Driven Spaces. We have Pringle Creek Designs like attached homes for co-living as well as capability to build ADUs (Accessory Dwelling Units). These type of home options offer a way to have privacy, but also feel close to your loved ones. Not only that, but our resident amenities include a community center and events space,  an urban farm, and more. These spaces have community-driven activities like yoga and book club, and other fun activities (We have a resident bike repair expert, a Girl Scout Troop Leader, you’re getting the idea…)!

New Year Real Estate Trends

Pringle Creek

Smaller Living is another prediction that we also offer at Pringle Creek Community (think Tiny Homes). We can build from 400 square feet on up, and there aren’t many places in Salem you can do that. This means, if you’re wanting to downsize and live more simply, you can do it.  You also have access to gardens, walking paths, orchards, and the community center. In essence, a lot of what is outside your front door is an extension of your home. And that’s about 12 acres worth of open space, which is a pretty nice-sized agrihood.

New Year Real Estate Trends

Attached home – Pringle Creek Designs

So, if you’re looking for more options, be it living with the folks or wanting to be more connected to community, we’ve got you covered. We are building a couple of attached homes on John Muir Loop that offer many possibilities and are solar-ready. Let’s talk about attached homes, ADUs, and Live Work homes. Let’s think about your dream home to figure out how you can flourish in 2018.

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