All the camas planted in the rain gardens are in full bloom, deep purple.

A view of the new custom cottage showing the front porch. They are putting on the rigid insulation, a component of the rain screen system that is one of our green building standards for all homes.

The injection well is being drilled this week for the ground-source geothermal system. After the water is used in the ground-source geo district heating/cooling system, it irrigates the orchards, community gardens and parks. All the excess is re-injected back into the aquifer.

A close-up of sedums we have growing in xeriscape areas. We will be using sedums for greenroofs on multiple community-use buildings and for residents.

Flowers in the rain gardens–everything is in bloom.

A close-up of the fruit trees in bloom. So far we have put in over 300 fruit trees of all types, and over 150 blueberry bushes.

Clumps of wild camas growing alongside Pringle Creek, near the orchards. Camas is a native, edible bulb.