Meet Iyad and Carol. Hailing from the Midwest, they were looking to live somewhere with better weather that was closer to the ocean. A place where they could take off to do more outdoor recreational activities, take in a show at the theater, taste some fine wine, and even participate in some environmental stewardship. They were wanting a home that looked out into the trees, like their home in Ohio did, and to live where there is more open space. With over 12 acres of shared green space, there’s room to stretch out and take a walk about the neighborhood. Carol and Iyad were surprised at what they found at Pringle Creek Community. A community that, “checked all the boxes,” for their ideal place to live.

Meet Carol and Iyad

They’ve been settling into their new home at Pringle Creek Community, and have already been exploring! Carol and Iyad have seen gorgeous Multnomah Falls and Hood River just off the Columbia River Gorge. Not only access to epic nature spots, but also the airport being much closer was another positive for them. They’ve started trying out the wineries in town like Ankeny Vineyards, and can’t wait to try more. There’s about 500 wineries and counting in the Willamette Valley; there is no shortage of award winning wineries. Willamette University is a big plus, because they also love going to the theater. Iyad has master gardening experience, and is looking forward to getting involved with the community garden as well as perhaps volunteering with a wildlife refuge to get rid of that pesky nonnative English ivy he’s been hearing about. He is well-versed in native and nonnative plants in the Midwest, and is looking forward to learning more about Pacific Northwest plant species. Iyad and Carol are also looking into what the Salem Audubon has to offer.

Carol and Iyad say that when they found their home at Pringle Creek Community, “It just made sense.” They have only scratched the surface of things to do, and are looking forward to more adventures. We are so very happy to welcome Carol and Iyad into our community.