Salem, OR. – Stafford Homes & Land, (Oregon’s energy-efficient home builder and Street of Dreams Winner), is breaking ground in the green community of Pringle Creek. The community was recently acquired by the performance home builder after the community sat mostly dormant for several years.

“We are very excited about Pringle Creek and want to carry the vision of a highly sustainable community,” says Rick Waible, co-owner of Stafford Homes & Land. “We’re really striving for excellence in this community by making it green and accessible. There’s not another community in Oregon like it.” The development has 147 lots to pick and choose from and all homes are performance built to meet LEED certification requirements.

The process to achieve LEED is extensive in areas like sustainability, water usage, energy efficiency, materials, and indoor quality which requires independent testing. Each home is rated based on eco-friendly building practices and can earn up to 100 points. Moffett Energy Modeling is the independent partner for Stafford Homes & Land. The first homes are rated at a minimum of Gold LEED-certified. Platinum is the highest rating a home can be awarded from the U.S. Green Building Council. Some homes have received a Platinum Rating.

Energy efficiency is not the only thing that Pringle Creek Community has to offer. The development has a dedicated 38% parks and open space to home ratio compared to most communities which typically offer only 3%. Greenhouses, shared gardens, open space, walking paths, and fruit orchards are all part of the draw to the community.

Everything from the social, economic, and cultural impact was considered in planning the development of Pringle Creek. The community is a registered B-corporation providing a positive social impact to the city. The idea of green is really put into practice with sustainable choices like the community center powered by solar panels and toilets utilizing rainwater. Green spaces are in abundance with walkable paths throughout the community. Greenhouses offer sustainable produce with community shared gardens and a master gardener on staff. Pringle Creek is a community to model for other LEED-certified home developments.

Gordon Root, co-owner of Stafford Homes & Land, invites homebuyers to check out the community. “Our aim is to make green homes accessible to anyone, with different sizes of homes, and even options for multigenerational living. It’s hard not to get excited about the community once you see it.” Homes start in the mid-200’s and scale based on the size of the home and features. To learn more about the community visit,

About Stafford Homes & Land

Stafford Homes & Land is an award-winning home builder in Oregon specializing in energy-efficient and performance homes. Found in 2012 by Rick Waible and Gordon Root, the home builder has become recognized for energy-efficient and healthy homes. Stafford is a Street of Dreams award winner and is recognized as a top home builder by the Oregon HBA.