At Pringle Creek Community, we think resourcefulness is a good thing. We pay careful attention to how the Earth’s precious resources are being used, and see if there are even more ways to leave a lighter footprint in the world. With the stigma of adult millennials moving in with parents decreasing, and the realization that this is a strategic move rather than a lazy one, more and more people are beginning to see that living in an intergenerational household has a lot of benefits. You get the chance to strengthen family ties, perhaps further a career, and save some money to put toward your own home.

intergenerational homes

Attached homes for your family or second income.

We have many home options to choose from that could accommodate lots of family living situations. We are one of the few areas in Salem that allow for ADUs (Accessory Dwelling Units), which are essentially a smaller home situated on the same lot or perhaps an apartment that resides on top of a garage. We also have opportunities to purchase multiple lots and fit attached homes on them. That means, you could buy a duplex, and have the parents living on one side while the adult child lives on the other side. Whether it’s because your adult child wants to save up while going to college, has special needs, or you all just like being close, it’s a great way to meet your families’ desired living situation. Another possibility is living in one well-designed home that provides just enough privacy for each adult in the family to be able to cohabitate and thrive. For example, if you have a home that’s a 2-level, and the parents bedroom is on the main floor while the adult children have bedrooms upstairs. We specialize in lots for your custom build, so if you have some dreams of your own, let’s talk!

intergenerational household

Inside the greenhouses.

The beauty of living at Pringle Creek Community is not only these home options, but what comes with it. If you need a breather from your family member (It’s okay, sometimes you just need a break even though you love them.), hop on over to the community center and events space for a cup of coffee. There’s yoga and a book club, too.  If you’d like some more outdoor time, we’ve got some absolutely stunning greenhouses that have a down-home feel at the urban farm, where you can garden and grow your own food, or just say “hi” to the chickens at Cluckingham Palace. Besides that, we’ve got fire pits, orchards, and trails, and these super cute little roads that are actually pervious (letting water go right back down into the water table).

Whatever living situation you choose, we are here to help you figure out what the best plan is for you and your family. Live healthy and live easy at Pringle Creek Community.

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