Ladybugs eat Aphids!!

ladybugs on leaf

ladybugs on leaf2










Not only are ladybugs a great way to organically deal with aphids in your garden , when you get a bag full of them, it is really exciting!

Aphids are a problem for most gardeners at some point.  Rather than apply pesticide (something we NEVER do!), or use a soap solution (another organic method) Colleen, our gardener extra-ordinaire, ordered 1/2 gallon of ladybugs from Northwest Beneficials, a company in Bend, Oregon.  Ladybugs are very beneficial not just for aphid control but for many other insects including scale, mites, and whiteflies to name a few.  Insects as pest control are superior to soap sprays since they can move around and continue to prey upon garden pests, whereas sprays are topical and work just where sprayed.  Sprays can also harm beneficial insects while killing pests.  Ladybugs have been recorded as eating as many as 5,000 aphids in a lifetime!  Not bad!

As luck would have it, the shipment of ladybugs arrived on Thursday, the same day that folks come by to pick up their CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) produce boxes.  So, Colleen connected with a CSA customer who usually stops by with her kids and asked if she thought the kids would like to participate in releasing the ladybugs. the answer was a resounding “Yes!”

Here are some photos of the experience featuring the ladybugs, Colleen, Rachel, Pierce, and Alexa:
ladybugs in bag, kids, Colleenladybugs in bag

ladybugs taking from Colleen's hand ladybugs & kids1