Your home is your safe haven. It’s the place you hang your hat. It’s the place that you may cackle with laughter after having a glass of wine too many with friends or provides comfort and solace for times you need a little peace from the outside world. It’s the place you spend most of your time, so why not surround yourself and your loved ones in a healthful environment of a home at Pringle Creek Community? Our green homes are not only healthy for you but built with a lighter foot-print on the earth.

Healthful Enviornment

One of Our Latest Homes Under Construction

Let us zoom-in a bit on healthful materials to an almost molecular-level. You may have heard about low to no VOC (volatile organic compounds) materials. Having materials with low to no VOCs in your home makes it so your family is less exposed to harmful chemicals. You can choose paint or even flooring that have no VOCs present, so when you breathe in after coming home from work or that birding adventure, you’re sure your indoor air is healthy.

Now zooming-out a bit, let’s think about what’s healthy for the world and future generations of people. You can choose sustainably harvested materials such as bamboo or coconut. That’s right, you may dream of palm trees for a vacation, but they may also adorn your living room in the form of furniture, cabinets or flooring.

Healthful Environment

Home with Bamboo Flooring

A healthy living system balances all the elements of the surrounding environment, and our homes are made to work with the characteristics of Pacific Northwest weather. The membranes are made of cellulose materials that keep the envelope tight. Roofs are designed to redirect the rain away from the home and onto the landscape or the pervious roads and back into the water table. Those roofs provide shelter, and also may be the ticket to becoming completely energy efficient through installing solar panels.

Healthful Environment

Cellulose Insulation

You can also have a healthy social life. Our residents have dinners, yoga, a book club, and more. However, if yoga isn’t your style or you prefer to have a cup of tea (or a thimble of whiskey) on your front porch, more power to you. The courtyards, encourage people to be more neighborly while also allowing some privacy when you desire. These courtyards spread into the main shared dedicated green space where there’s barbeques, bocce, exercising your green thumb, or perhaps a few dog walkers out and about (with a feline stalking them from the blackberries).

Planting Crops on the Urban Farm

Whether your goal is to age in place, chase around young ones that are growing like weeds, have many adventures, or just be, this is the place for you. As you may know, a diverse forest means a healthier one. Each tree (and even fungus) plays an integral part in the web of life. We love welcoming new neighbors in from different schools of thought and walks of life. It makes our community that much more fun and vibrant. Here’s to happiness and making healthy choices now and for the future.

Healthful Environment

Tree Grove in Shared Dedicated Green Space

Healthy Home Ideas