Have you ever heard of or tasted Hatch Chilis – chilis grown in Hatch, New Mexico?  People from all over the country who love spicy food, especially folks who’ve visited or lived in or near New Mexico, are crazy about them, especially when they’re roasted.

Ed DonGilli , a grounds keeper here at Pringle Creek Community, LOVES Hatch Chilis – and is responsible for bringing them to our gardens this year.  Ed and his family recently lived in Arizona and embraced the food in the region, including hot & spicy Mexican food.  Ed couldn’t stop talking about Hatch chilis – so he ordered seeds, and last week planted them in the glasshouses.  He’s very excited for the end of the summer!

Ed with seed packs Ed planting Hatch










The Hatch Valley, where all sorts of chilis are grown, is known as “The Chile Capital of the World.” Hatch chilis were developed in 1894 at the University of New Mexico by Dr. Fabian Garcia.  The University continues chile cultivation today, working to breed the hottest chilis.  Hatch chilis are known to be ‘just right,’ not too hot, not too mild.  We’ll see how the chiles do in our northwestern, glasshouse environment.  Stop out sometime and visit the glasshouses!


The chilis, once they are ready, will be available at the Farm Stand and in our CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) shares.  If you’d like to join the CSA, contact Colleen.  The Farm Stand, located at the glasshouses here at Pringle Creek Community, will have produce available beginning in June through September.