Warren Karlenzig has listed what he thinks are the Top Ten Sustainability Stories for 2006 on his “Green A City” blog [my dictionary confirms that “green” is a verb; I’ll be greened]. Number five on the list: Portland’s new renewable fuels ordinance, which will require:

“…that the city’s gas stations provide 5 percent biodiesel of all diesel fuel sold by July 2007 and 10 percent by 2010. This has stimulated local production of biodiesel start-ups, and will enable local farmers to have a market for biodiesel crops such as as canola, which can be grown in eastern Oregon.”

Other stories on the list include California’s efforts toward stricter climate change policies, Boston’s green construction requirement for all large buildings, Portland (again) instituting a green multiple listing service. Karlenzig sees these stories as evidence that the nation is experiencing a collective tipping point when it comes to sustainable development.