If you weren’t able to sign up for our Urban Farmer Certification this year, check out these spring learning opportunities from Willamette University’s Zena Farm:

Sunday, April 3 from 2-4:30pm
James Cassidy, Soil Scientist at OSU and Faculty Advisor to the Organic
Growers Club, will lead a workshop entitled:

Keeping your Soil Healthy: the ins and outs and ups and downs of soil

Through this workshop, James will help participants answer the questions:
What exactly is soil? How can we maintain the essential properties and
health of our soil while asking it to work so hard to produce good food?
And what is good compost and how do I make it at home? Activities for
this workshop include bringing a sample of your own soil to analyze,
examining compost in various states of decomposition, AND creating a new
compost pile.

Sunday, April 17 from 2-4:30pm
Casey Kulla of Oakhill Organics on Grand Island will lead a workshop

Seed Saving on Small Scale Properties

Tired of buying seed each year? Want to develop your own variety of
tomatoes (or spinach or beans) ideally suited to your space? Through this
workshop, participants will come to understand the difference between GMO,
hybrid, open-pollinated, and heirloom seed. What do these distinctions
mean? Casey will then explain planting designs that will maximize seed
production and the steps needed to grow, harvest, clean, and save your own
seed. Activities include cleaning seed with small scale machinery and
hand threshing some winter wheat.

Sunday, May 8 from 2-4:30pm
Joe Bowersox of Willamette University will lead a workshop entitled:

Backyard Beekeeping

Do you love the taste of honey? Want to ensure good pollination of your
crops? Worried about the decline of honeybees? Bee part of the solution!
Through this workshop, you will learn the basics of bee biology, the steps
needed to establish and care for your own hives, and the process of
collecting your own honey. Participants in this workshop will get to
observe the ins and outs of the hives at Zena Farm, and depending on
enrollment, may get to work with the bees.

You are welcome to attend any number of workshops. Each workshop costs
$20, or attend all three for $50. The money raised through this program
will go, in part, to supporting work-study students at Zena Farm. To
register, feel free to send me an e-mail to notify me of your interest.
Then send your name, which workshop(s) you will attend, your e-mail
address, and weekend contact information, together with a check made out
to Willamette University for the appropriate amount, and return it via the
US Postal Service or via campus mail, to:

Gardening Workshops at Zena Farm
c/o Jennifer Johns,
Associate Director for Sustainable Agriculture Programs
Center for Sustainable Communities
Willamette University
900 State Street Salem, OR 97301