Are you a dog person or a cat person (or both!)? At Pringle Creek Community, we’ve got so many little adorable furry and feathered creatures prancing around the grounds. It’s fun to see the wild and not-so-wild animals interact. Some of our residents have herding dog breeds, so the deer and occasional turkey create and interesting situation from time to time. Even the felines of the neighborhood love to keep an eye on the deer outside their picture windows. We’re a pet-friendly space, and understand that considering moving here also means considering how your pet feels about the community, too. That’s why it’s pretty great to have a bunch of green space and trails to walk about for your furry friend. It’s also a great way to socialize your pet, and many residents take their furrever friends around to the urban farm to say, “Hi,” to Colleen’s dog, Zoee, or practice their manners in-front of the clucking chickens.

Furrever Friends

Curious deer wandering around the courtyard.

Pringle Creek Community is also a great place to watch for wildlife. Lately, there has been a Great Blue Heron perching around and snatching up the field mice. There’s always the geese overhead, and the babbling creek that’s filled with wildlife…if you just sit on a bench and stay still for awhile. Then, you’ll be able to hear the occasional chirp of the frogs, see the glimmer of a fish swim by, or a crawdad begin to emerge from the rocks. Oh, and we’ve got squirrels that have it made. They’re running around here, too.

Furrever Friends

Feline friend with purrfect camouflage.

If you love your not-so-wild animal or just like to watch wildlife out your window, our community is where it’s at. Let’s just say, there’s a bunch of busy bees out there (plus, we literally have bees that make the most amazingly tasting honey). We encourage you to get out your leash for Bruno or your cat backpack for Beatrix, and come on by to see the wilder side of Pringle Creek Community.

Furrever Friends

Inquisitive turkey checking-out the scene.

We also wanted to give a big shout out to the neighbors that provided the photos! Thank you!