Harvest time in the fall, if you happen to keep bees, is the time to check on your bees’ progress and collect some honey. Yum!

This is our second full season of beekeeping. Colleen, our Urban Farmer, beekeeper, and all-around gardener extraordinaire, is preparing to collect some honey later this week. Her first step, with mentor Bill Wylie, through the Willamette Valley Beekeepers Association, is to check the overall health of the hive and assess their condition for over-wintering.

bees checking occupancy bees hard workers







bees bill & flight










As you can see in these pictures, our bees are doing well and seem well prepared for the coming winter.

Bill and Colleen first had to remove all of the bees from the ‘super’ that they removed from the top of the hive. They checked to see that the bees created and capped honey comb, brushed off and removed bees from the frames, and stored the frames in the super until later this week when they’ll extract the honey.

Bees on frame Bees Colleen with frame










The honey that is extracted will be offered to residents, and members of the CSA. Extra honey will be offered for sale. Fresh harvested honey is yet another wonderful amenity of home-ownership here at Pringle Creek Community!

Bees Bill and bee flightBees crossing - Bill & Colleen