Here are some photos from a recent gathering in the “net-zero energy” Painter’s Hall. Sixteen South Salem families are hosting 16 foreign exchange students from Munich, Germany, and they all came out for a potluck dinner. Afterwards, many in the party filtered outside to play and visit and check out Pringle Creek Community.

“This place has good potential for a disc golf course.”

“Clouds are a problem for solar power in Germany too.”

Potluck for 60? Notice the ceiling detail, which is an assembly of wood strips removed from another pre-existing building at Pringle Creek.

No clue as to which ones are German and which are American.

“We’re hiding what tree?” Inside joke; behind the group is the “nurse log” in front of the Painter’s Hall, a 300 year old naturally-fallen Oregon White oak that we’ve incorporated into the neighborhood landscaping plan.