“Huh?” you may ask.  This play, Bobrauschenbergamerica, written by Charles Mee, a performance art depiction of Robert Rauschenberg’s life, art, and work, is currently showing at Willamette University and is a performance not to be missed.  The artist’s work and the play are both reminiscent of Dada, so if you aren’t into the abstract and absurd, then this isn’t a play for you – BUT, the caliber of the performance was so good, that I expect the entire Willamette Theater’s season will be excellent.  I highly recommend anyone who loves the theater to give Willamette a try.


Pringle Creek Community (PCC) fully embraces the greater Salem community and we love to share experiences in Salem as well as here at PCC.  The performance I saw at Willamette was better than anything I’ve witnessed in quite a while – including during my trip to New York City this past spring.

I also attended the TEDxSalem event Saturday, Oct. 3.  Wow!  The day was filled with outstanding local presenters with very inspiring stories aligned with the Fearless theme; stories of fearless birds, people overcoming fears, delving deeply into fear, and fearlessly working to combat microbial disease.  There were also outstanding musical and theatric performances by local people intermixed into the day’s presentations.  the event itself is also created and produced by local, talented Salem-ites.  Salem, Oregon is truly blessed by talented people who add another facet of entertainment and stimulation to life in Salem and at PCC.

Rich McCloud TEDxSalem 2







Living in Salem is truly a joyful, fulfilling experience.  There are endless things to do – theater, music, art, dance – as well as all kinds of locally-crafted food and drink to satisfy any appetite.  Life at PCC also offers a quiet escape with biking and walking paths right outside your door.  Visit us and join the experience!