The CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) is gearing up for 2018! If you’re unfamiliar with what a CSA is, it’s basically paying your local farmer upfront for the year, and then getting delicious and healthy produce from about June until January, depending on the harvesting seasons. Our expert Urban Farmer, Colleen Owen, is growing some wonderful food this year. Eat healthy and support community by becoming a part of our CSA.

Eat Healthy Support Community

Community Supported Agriculture!

If you purchase a share of the CSA, then harvest usually starts mid-June and you can pick-up fresh and organic produce almost every week.  There is so much to choose from, and a fun part of being in a CSA is not only getting the freshest and in season produce that’s local, but also learning about all new produce you may have never prepared before! Green it up with different varieties of lettuce, kale, cilantro, parsely, and more. And, if tomatoes are a favorite of yours, you’re definitely in luck. Colleen has a green thumb that makes the tomatoes grow all the way up to the ceiling with stems that look like the trunks of trees. The varieties you’ll be seeing this year include Beef steak, Goliath, Caiman, Big Zack, Old German, Delicious, Better Boy, Amana Orange, Cherry Tomatoes, Orange Paruche, Lemon Boy, and Abe Lincoln to boot!



There is so much produce, that we should probably make a song about it to remember all that gets harvested throughout the year. In fact, let’s give it a whirl to the tune Old McDonald, and see how we do:

The CSA is where it’s at.
There’s zucs, honey and mighty eggplant!

With a hot pepper here, and a basil plant there.
So many cucs and squash, go on, please share!

Champagne grape cheers
to Queen Colleen of the Agrihood
And many thanks to all the volunteers
and helpers who make the produce so good!

Now that you’ve belted that out at the top of your lungs, give us a holler if you’d like your own share of Pringle Creek Community’s CSA this year!