The City of Salem is developing plans for a 27.5 acre ‘community’ park adjacent to Pringle Creek Community (PCC) and is inviting the local community to help plan the park.  This is a great opportunity for PCC residents and all other surrounding neighbors to participate in the current planning process to assure that our new park meets local needs.

reduced VicinityMap

The proposed park is in red. This document is on the City’s Fairview Park website

What exactly is a ‘Community’ park?  It is likely that everyone has a different mental picture or idea of what a 27.5 acre park offers or contains.  There is a lot of information at the City’s website, found here.  According to the documents linked on the City’s website, the standard features of a ‘community’ park include multi-use and pedestrian trails, playground, group picnic shelter, a multi-use court like a basketball court, restrooms, off-street parking and security lighting.  There’s a substantial list of optional features possible in a community park including an amphitheater, soccer fields, bocce courts, a swimming pool, community gardens, a skate park, a dog park, disc golf, and a number of other features.  How this proposal develops and what the park becomes is really dependent upon the ideas and input of those that get involved.

The City of Salem is holding a series of meetings with the public to learn about community interest and to receive feedback for this idea.  The first meeting was held in November, but there will be three more meetings to share interest and ideas between neighbors and City leaders.  The meetings are held at Pringle Community Hall located at 606 Church St SE in Salem, near the Salem Hospital.  The next meeting is December 16th at 6:30 pm.  The dates of the following meetings are:  January 20th and February 17th at 6:30 pm.  All meetings are at the Pringle Community Hall. The work done at each meeting is cumulative and input and participation at each meeting will be used to develop the park master plan.

If you are unable to attend the meetings, but are interested to provide comment or feedback, go to the City’s Fairview Park webpage and connect there.  You can also offer input through their online survey on the same page; it just takes a few minutes.   The information your answers provide to the planning process is invaluable. Residents of Pringle Creek Community are looking forward to continued participation in the process and working to help assure that the final Park Master Plan honors the sustainable and environmentally sound principles found in the Sustainable Fairview Master Plan. Together we can make this opportunity a win-win for everyone.