Now that we’ve completed construction of our first solar-powered, net-zero home in the upper western loop of our community, we’re gearing up to build the next home (or two!).  John Muir Circle-33


John Muir Circle-4The beautiful, sunny, summer weather has brought lots of inerest in living at Pringle Creek Community.  Many people have come to see the newest home and expressed sincere interest in living where they feel connected – to their neighbors and the environment.

Pringle Creek Community’s gardens, pocket parks, shared green spaces, edible landscape, and sustainable living ethic with energy efficient homes and infrastructure appeal to a wide audience and we’re thrilled to make these visitors our newest neighbors.

Very soon we’ll break ground on a few lots in the Net Zero Loop, including spaces where we’ll build a few small homes of about 900 square feet!  Small homes are a great way for folks who are interested in simplifying their lives and downsize to actualize that dream.  Small houses are increasing in popularity as many people realize that they don’t need a big house, especially when living in a place with a great community center and 12 acres of shared green space!