We’re happy to see that more people are recognizing what we’ve known for a long time – our lives are made much better by intentionally living in Community.

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Jonathan and Lisa recently moved to Salem, Oregon, settling in at Pringle Creek Community.   They discovered a welcoming neighborhood filled with people willing to share information about local resources and services; information that they’d normally have to try to find on their own. They were instantly made aware of great local eateries, grocery stores, recommendations for professional services like medical and dental services, and even the best bicycle routes around town.

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Jonathan and Lisa moved into a connected community, a place that is quite rare at this point in time, but the kind of place that people are increasingly craving. They moved into an intentional, sustainable community. People are realizing that the way we’ve been living in the United States, in cul-de-sacs, suburban developments, in separate households unaware of those around us, has left us feeling disconnected. Fortunately, the pendulum is swinging towards resilience and greater connection – toward true Community.

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At Pringle Creek Community, residents have abundant opportunities to interact either intentionally, spontaneously, or subtly; at the community events, the mailbox, or while gardening or walking. The community is designed and developed to encourage neighborly interaction and adds to the overall quality of life here. The purposeful and spontaneous meetings increase the community’s resilience, the sense of safety and stability, and decrease stress through increasing the ways in which people spend time together, knitting individual threads into a diverse, strong tapestry of relationships.

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We love our quality of life here.  You, too, can connect and integrate with community here, increasing your life quality.  Join us!  We’d love to have you.