We had 215 events in our community center, Painters Hall, last year!  We reviewed our activity for an article that Marion County Environmental Services is writing about us and were thrilled to see the wonderful amount of activity that happens here reflected in that data.  Sometimes, as they say, it is hard to see the forest for the trees.  Well, our community ‘forest’ is alive, well, and quite diverse.
party on PH deck iconic Reception July 2014
Events that happen at Painters Hall range from private business meetings, birthday parties and wedding receptions, educational events, celebratory community events with nonprofit partners, to neighborhood association meetings.  This doesn’t even include all that happens in our community glasshouses (greenhouses)!  We love participating in the activities of our overall community and look forward to all of the activities that are already planned this summer and fall like our free sustainability presentations (see our calendar) and events like our Pie Party and Food Swap July 19th and Harvest Fest (date to be announced).

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