Our fallen oak tree near Painters Hall, our community center, will soon be converted into a seating area to complete our outdoor Reading Room!  Chainsaw artist, Keving Strauslin, is coming to Pringle Creek Community Saturday morning, October 31, to cut out a section of the tree and make it into a bench so that residents and visitors can spend some time reading a book from our little free library or simply relaxing, enjoying the peace of the Village Green. The Little Free Library is located right next to the new park, next to Village Center Drive.

pringle creek community - community (little library) Fallen Oak1 Fallen Oak park 2







Mr. Strauslin is a local chainsaw artist who’s been crafting a large variety of imaginative pieces for many years.  We’ve hired Kevin to cut out a simple bench without extra details.  Even so, we’re excited to have such a talented artist help us create an inviting space where people can stop and spend time, kids can play, and everyone can take time to enjoy reading.  Below are a few examples of pieces Mr. Strauslin has created.  We’re excited to see what his imagination develops for us!  Come out this weekend, the morning of October 31, to see him at work.  

squirrel chainsaw art Kevin Strauslin Tree chainsaw art StrauslinOwl chainsaw art