Neighbors have started up a resident Book Optional Book Club! You may be thinking, “How come the books are optional in this book club?” Well, some of the neighbors admitted that they just don’t get around to reading the book when they’ve attended book clubs in the past. So, why should anyone feel bad about not reading the book? There are plenty of ways to enjoy a book, and one is sometimes hearing another person talk about what they’ve found out from reading the book. Others like a preview of sorts, and are okay with hearing spoilers before they start turning pages. And, even more so, some neighbors just want an excuse to have a glass of wine on a rainy day, and chat it up with their neighbors. All that said, some neighbors have actually already finished the book this month! We do love our books here at Pringle Creek Community, just take a gander at our Little Library. A Little Library is exactly how it sounds, it’s a place for books to be shared amongst the community. Ours is right by our historic community building, Painters Hall. You can check-out classics, cookbooks, and other literary wonders. Just look for our hand-painted (by a talented Girl Scout troop…) Little Library next to the mailboxes, and maybe add a novel you especially liked for someone else to enjoy!

This month’s book choice is Endurance¬†by Alfred Lansing. It’s non-fiction and tells a story about the Shackleton’s Antarctic expedition.