We are building a community rooted in nature and innovation. With that, comes a strong relationship with growing healthy food making us a flourishing agrihood. Over a third of our community is dedicated green space, and our urban farm is part of it. We have orchards, blueberry patches, and a whole lot more when it comes to wanting to commune with nature. Our glasshouses provide a place for winter gardening and some wonderful produce for a majority of the year. Imagine tomato plants that reach sky high and touch the roof tops with stems that look like tree trunks. You don’t have to imagine it, it usually happens every year thanks to our exceptional Urban Farmer, Colleen Owen. She is a certified Master Gardener and comes with years of experience in making some amazing harvests happen.

agrihoodOur Urban Farmer runs a 25 share CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), where you can purchase a share to get fresh and organic produce from about June to January. She also has a cute farm stand with other yummy items available in case you’re more of a spur of the moment kind of person. We have healthy ways to take care of the crops like using Lady Bugs for pest management, and companion gardening. Companion gardening is when you plant certain things close together that help one another (yes, like a companion!). This could be planting Nasturtium within broccoli and cauliflower, because Nasturtiums are great at keeping the bugs away from your plants. Our companions also are the feathered friends of Cluckingham Palace, where you can pick-up some farm fresh eggs, and perhaps even see Colleen taking one of the chickens on a walk (yes, you’ve heard right, we sometimes have chickens suited up with a harness and leash..). And, let’s not forget the pollinators, those honey bees, they are not only so important for pollinating the crops, but they make some of the best tasting honey.


Urban farming is super important to being an agrihood. So, it only makes sense that the SLC (Sustainable Living Center) is having their annual Urban Farmer workshop series. If you’re interested in how to start your own urban farm or perhaps brush up on some tips to make your garden thrive, then this may be just the workshop for you (and your friend!). There’s even a deal for multiple generations. If you’re a parent and have a child (age 9 – 17), then there’s a discount available. Each year it has filled up fast, so if you’d like a spot, now’s the time to give them a ring and reserve your spot!