Pringle Creek Community is an unexpected pocket of serenity in south Salem where visitors and residents like to take time during their day for a walk.  Colleen, our Urban Farmer, always smiles and waves to those who come near to the glasshouses.  Some folks stop and chat, getting to know Colleen a bit better, discussing her work and the goings on around the gardens and orchards.

One visitor is Dave Hunt who regularly walks his dog, Luna, around the Pringle Creek Community property.  He and Luna are very friendly. Luna is an exuberant 2 year old mix who is always wiggly and happy. Dave has taken  an interest in the plants, trees, and shrubs on the property and shares his insights when he visits with Colleen.

Last year Dave donated a trees to us – three or four Ponderosa pines, four Douglas firs, and a small yew sapling.  Colleen potted them and now they are thriving; soon they’ll be ready for transplanting.  Recently, Dave offered a few more trees and Colleen happily accepted.  Dave went to the Yamhill Soil and Conservation Native plant sale (we LOVE native plants!).  He bought and donated two snowberry bushes, two vine maples, two Oregon ash, and two ‘mystery’ plants.  They are a mystery since their tags fell off, so, we’ll learn what they are as they grow.  Colleen potted them, as you can see in the photos.  We’ll see how they do and transplant them on the property once they’re ready.

potted donation trees Tree donation










We’re so lucky to have such wonderful and generous neighbors!