We are proud to be awarded for EarthWISE Certification yet again, and to be among businesses and organizations in the area that uphold green standards. The Crosby Hop Farm, Salem Urban Development, Spring Valley Dairy, Straub Environmental Center, and many more were certified this year! We are leaders in sustainability, with our LEED Certified homes, our Zero Waste community and events center are all designed to be energy efficient and leave a lighter footprint on the earth. Additionally, our organic urban farm plays a huge environmental role in our community, providing healthy and nutritious, fresh food to residents, the surrounding community, and to those in need. If you’re curious about living at Pringle Creek Community, come on by for a tour!

earthWISE certification

Pringle Creek Community Team | Photo by Alan Pennington


We specialize in lots for your custom build. These homes are built with healthy materials and innovative energy efficient systems. There are many home designs to choose from to help get you started that include 1-level Cottage homes to 3-level Tall Homes (we also can build ADUs here!). Painters Hall is the community center, and it also serves as an events space that can be rented to the public, and a little known fact is that Painters Hall is the first LEED Platinum Certified community center in the nation.

We are looking forward to seeing the EarthWISE certified family continue to grow!